Logo & packaging design for a luxury brand of oils​​​​​​​
Logo & brand identity design. Digital & print design. Advertising & marketing. Social media marketing. Packaging. Shopify website.
Bija Essence is a new line of therapeutic, all-natural essential oil blends that combine the powers of human touch, aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic science.
Bija Essence is devoted to helping you connect and care for your personal wellbeing as well as for your loved ones by bringing back the tradition of touch. The mark represents the intersection of the 4 products offered, each for a specific time of day: Rise, Revive, Rejoice and Rest. It also mimics the droplet of the oil, in pure gold and black.
The mark is complemented by and elegant logotype and muted colour palette, all highlighted by the use of gold foil in the packaging and printed collateral.

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