Brand strategy & visual identity for a leading executive search firm
Leadership Capital Group is a premier global executive search firm working at the CEO and Board through VP levels. Retained executive search for information intense businesses is our core focus.
Logo & brand identity design. Digital & print design. Advertising & marketing. Social media marketing. Presentation deck. Website design.
branding, logotype design, print and digital
We helped to define a new slogan and messaging platform to help people understand the brand’s focus.
branding, logotype design, print and digital
The symbol can be used to visually represent movement and flow, indicate a direction or sequence, or illustrate a path of movement through complex systems.
The identity also introduces a more refined colour palette. Teal signifies growth and the entrepreneurial spirit, and setting the company apart from the standard blue within the category. The new LCG teal combines well with a contemporary steel grey, and lighter tones for backgrounds.
Applied to stationery and other collateral, the logo echoes the arrow pointing upwards, signifying leadership.
Evolution of the icon to a visual framing device that anchors the main message of the brand.
New brand is helping leadership and the team fully appreciate the power of the firm they are building
The site design is optimized for mobile use.

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