A new brand identity for a modern banking offering
Clarrow is a one-stop-shop solution for freelancers that combines banking services and business applications, removing the complexity of multiple business tools and allowing you to do everything you need all in one place.
Logo & brand identity design. Digital & print design. Advertising & marketing. Social media marketing. Presentation deck. Website design.
The new brand identity: a modern and geometric monogram and logotype.
The monogram can scale up or down to optimize legibility at various sizes.
The branding introduces a more contemporary color palette that is fresh and vibrant.

The logotype was prepared to work best for mobile applications and at reduced sizes.

The app UI reflects the bright colour palette and clear, modern typographic design.

The monogram is a distintive part of the visual narrative. The project encompasses brand strategy and positioning, messaging and digital design.

The target audience is young freelancers, looking for a modern and uncomplicated finance application.

A ribbon illustration was designed as a main brand element to be used in the website and marketing collateral.

The shapes of the logo can be used in a variety of ways, here in a potential design for advertising.

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