Stylish, eco-friendly paper products to help you live a sustainable life. 
Logo & brand identity design. Digital & print design. Advertising & marketing. Social media marketing. Website design.
Ponderlily promotes intentional living through beautifully-designed, eco-friendly planners and paper goods. For women who seek finding joy, purpose and empowerment in their daily to-dos and decisions.
With a strong set of brand elements: logotype, icons, typographic styles and colour palette; it's possible to expand the product line without compromising brand cohesiveness. All the elements work together to create a seamless yet engaging brand experience, from stickers, to leaflets or brochures, new products and even exhibition design.
The colour palette muted and is shaped after natural elements that evoke traveling and wellness: sand, autumn leaves, flowers, fruits, ocean, etc. All printed elements are complemented with the addition of a copper foil to main typographic elements.

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